‘F**k That Baby!’; Unhinged Leftist Tells Trump Supporter That His BABY Is Racist [WATCH]


The left is really bad at this whole “unity’ thing.

On Friday evening in Washington DC, a group of unhinged leftists claimed that babies are racist if their parents voted for Trump.

Yes, really. This is what the left has become.

“That baby is racist! F**k that baby!”, screamed one BLM rioter.

“I’m hispanic! I’m not racist!’, responded one Trump voter.

“You are racist! Why the F**K would you vote for him!? He don’t even like yo ass!,” the rowdy BLM rioter exclaimed.

Watch below as they claim that babies are racist:

So much for Biden’s call to “unity”.

You can really tell how deep the brainwashing goes in the Democrat party.

We have a lot of work to do. More people need to WAKE UP!